• 2 Passenger or 4 Passenger
• Non-Lifted
• Standard Seat Cushions or Custom Seat Cushions
• Flip Down Rust Free Aluminum Rear Seat Packages
• Lighting Packages (Standard or Deluxe)

• Original Body Sets or New Body Sets
• PSM’s (Private Speed Modes): 18-20 mph
• Original or New Batteries with Single Point Watering Systems
• Fold Down Windshields
• Seat Belts
• Standard or Extended Canopy Tops

• Weather Enclosures
• Dash Kits
• Roof Racks / Brush Guards / Front Baskets / Woody Side Panels
• Upgraded Wheels & Tires
• Utility Cargo Beds
• Blue Tooth Sound Systems

• High Speed Motors: 25-27 mph
• Rear Seat Cup Holders
• Chair Holders
• Safety Bars
• 2-Piece Receiver Hitches

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